This tour is closed for winter. Thank you everyone for your participation! We are being rebranded. Stay tuned for relaunch!

Welcome to the original

Free Twisted Tales Historical Melbourne Crime Walking tour!

This tour is FREE—(pay what it was worth to you at the end!)

Are you interested in STRANGE stories, WEIRD happenings and the ironic details of Melbourne's strange past? How about historic stories about snake charmers and poisonings? We start with a ghost story, and then move onto crime stories. Walk the streets where these events occured! EXPLORE the wonders of Melbourne, its marvellous past, fabulous architecture, and present. This tour is a combination of seeing the sights and sounds of what makes up the best of Melbourne, as well as containing a few lurid historical tales to get the blood racing.

Unsavoury historical stories are told throughout the tour. This is an excellent way to spend part of a day in Melbourne, seeing the finest the city has to offer.

Tours last between 1 hour 30 minutes and 2 hours

Saturday and Sunday, 11am

ph: 0450344840

Not suitable for chlidren.

Tours are at fixed times, please check Tour Times. For a singular large group however, please arrange a custom tour at a special time.

On the tour..

We will walk past some eclectic scenery, and learn about:

  • The Royal Society
  • Why you should possibly be careful what they offer you in the Carlton Gardens, you'll find out why!
  • The throat-twisting street garotters
  • Infamous murderess Mary Kelly!
  • Grizzly weird tales of Melbourne's past, including her savage past characters and criminals.
  • Examine the Old Gaol, learn about the hanging of, possibly Jack the Ripper in Old Melbourne Gaol, and the hanging judge, on infamous Tyburn (Hanging)Hill!
  • The infamous old slum of Little Lon, former home of thieving pickpockets like 'Thirsty Liz.'
  • Paris has a fictional Phantom of the Opera. The real one lurks in Melbourne! His strange, but true story will make your head spin.

The tour takes us from the meeting point of the Tianjin Garden on Spring St, towards the Old Gaol and Swanston Street, and finally down towards Queen Victoria Village.

William Barak! Princess Theater

What to bring

Melbourne has a warmish, (cold in winter) sometimes wet climate. It is a bit like Southern Europe. Please dress accordingly, with a jacket or umbrella. Summer temperatures can be high. If it is warm, please be sure to carry water, a hat, and sunscreen.

Where we meet

This is our meeting place!

MEETING PLACE: Tianjin Gardens, Spring St, (CORNER SPRING AND LITTLE BOURKE ST) near the Victorian Parliament and next to the Princess Theater, where we will hear about the real-life Phantom of the Opera!

Please note the location! The Tianjin gardens are a Chinese-theme concrete area with ornate lions and red arches next to Parliament underground train station... not to be confused with the Parliament Gardens on the opposite side of Nicholson St.

Tours will take place rain, hail, or shine! Melbourne does has a lot of rain, as well as shine.

This is a great way to learn about some of Melbourne's quirky history, while also exploring some of its wonderful architecture. It will be interesting both for visitors to Melbourne and locals.

— Fiona Anderson, Weekend Notes.

Experience the spooky side of Melbourne.

—The Weekly Review.

We went on the TWISTED TALES WALKING TOUR today. Really excellent, and learned about those hidden corners and secrets of Melbourne. The Tour is conducted by very knowledgeable guide Charles every Saturday and Sunday at 11.00am. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

—We Love Melbourne.

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