This tour has been discontinued for the time being. Will not be held until further notice.

The Haunted Melbourne Ghostly Murder Walk!

This is a unique Melbourne Ghost tour experience

Walk into Melbourne's strange past... murders, victims and hauntings.

This new tour meets up in the city, on the Steps of Old Treasury on Thursday Evenings, 7pm. We will walk the streets of Melbourne, trying to follow in the footsteps of the slain, talking about various gouls and ghosts, along the way who may be associated with them. The Tour is Free or Tip-What-it-was-worth, the same as other Free Walking Tours around the world!

Ridiculous unsavoury historical ghost and other stories are told throughout the tour.

Tours last about one hour thirty minutes.

****DISCONTINUED**** Thursday Evening 7pm!

ph: 0450344840

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Not suitable for children. Warning: Stories told in haunted areas may contain unsavoury details of historical murders!

Tours are at fixed times, please check Tour Times. For a singular large group however, please arrange a custom tour at a special time.

On the tour..

We will walk past some eclectic scenery:

  • Starting at the Old Treasury Building, the gold fortress of the 19th century, where the very helpful ladies' man ghoul lives. A tragic lover's suicide pact nearby... gone wrong!
  • Tasma Terrace, where a wicked murder unfolded. The murderer may have walked free, but does the ghost of Ms Jubb still lurk?
  • The man who was determined to become a ghost in order to achieve revenge! This includes a remarkable chilly spot where he may lurk. One participant noted the chill and a strange tingling of her fingers!
  • The troubled spirits of former Eastern Market
  • The little girl who perhaps still calls for her mother, Australia's most sensational killing
  • The religious maniac of what is now Federation Square
  • 'Phantom of the Opera' might be a novel about Paris, but is no fiction when it comes to our Melbourne phantom!
  • We walk towards the oldest parts of Melbourne, finishing up at Queen St, at the scene of a horrible poltergeist haunting
Along the way we may hear about some other ghosts, such as the Man with the Broken Glass, and the man with the Silver nose.

The tour takes us from the meeting point of Old Treasury on Spring St, towards Exhibition St, and finally down towards Market St and infamous Banana Alley.

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What to bring

Melbourne has a warmish, (cold in winter) with a history of being a wet climate (though dry lately). It is a bit like Southern Europe. Please dress accordingly, with a jacket or umbrella. Summer temperatures can be high. If it is warm, please be sure to carry water.

TOURS FOR ADULTS ONLY (Some tales might scare the kiddies)

Meeting place

This is our meeting place!

MEETING PLACE: The Steps of Old Treasury Building (CORNER Spring AND Collins St).

Please note the accurate location! Old Treasury is a large brown building which looks like something from the Italian Renaissance.

Tours will take place rain, hail, or shine! Melbourne does (did have!) has a lot of rain, as well as shine.

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